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Welcome to Eostros Games and Southern Dragons, Home to Gaming in South Texas - see our Single Action Shooting Page (SASS)

Eostros Games is an organization dedicated to the creation of fun. It could be a new activity, product, publication, craft or stain glass art.

We can create terrain for your game table to bring your game into a 3D world, handmade, it is custom crafted per order. The terrain we create can be use for war gaming and fantasy miniature role playing. We can make anything you need.

At Goodman Games you can have a new adventure with some great new products updated from original 1st Edition Adventures. Thieves of Fortress Badabaskor, Citadel of Fire, and Dark Tower are available at Goodman Games (click more details).

We have many years experience helping hobbyist of all types. We have previously worked on products from 1st Edition to D20. Our owner published his first adventure in 1982, In Search of Kelandor's Gold and has written a sequel to it that we plan to bring to you soon.

We are associated with Game Base 7 out of Chicago. Our gamers club, Southern Dragons of San Antonio, TX. is a non profit associated chapter of GB7.

GB7 and Southern Dragons promote gaming by holding Game Days throughout the year. These Game Days are essentially mini Cons. We also support gaming through attendance and organization of major conventions in the gaming industry. Game Base 7 is active in supporting Gen Con Indianapolis, Origins, Chimaeracon - San Antonio, Millennia Con - Austin.

We also are involved with the Single Action Shooting Society and attend regular competitions in that sport. This is our personal past time, however, we consider it another form of gaming as it is an event that use rules and live action role-playing in addition to being a competition sport. If you are interested in joining us, see the Duelist Den here on the site or visit SASS.

Herein, you will find many gems and a few stones. Not all ideas are great but if we spark your imagination or bring some enthusiasm into your life, it is a great success. We are here for you, so we do want to hear your comments. Please feel free to contact us to let us know your thoughts.

We are under renovation here at this site, so please be patient, many pages are still in the works.

see Goodman Games for the following products.

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